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Your City Guide to Cambridge

Oh Cambridge, how you charmed me as soon as I stepped out of the car into the sweet winters air.

Being familiar with Oxford and ye olde English buildings, Cambridge is a city that I could find myself in time and time again. Cambridge is similar to that of Oxford as the University grounds are sprinkled across the City and traditional wooden English buildings line the streets. Besides the millions of bikes in which you assume immediately are students travelling about, the picturesque town comes with history and intelligence.

Ideas were once born and continue to be created within the grounds of Cambridge. Following in the footsteps of great men such as Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking, you can’t help but feel as if you must create a new found theory. I didn’t get that far on my visit to Cambridge, but what I did discover was that Cambridge is a welcoming and amusing English Town.


Kings College Chapel: Famous for it’s Chapel and Choir, Kings College is one of the most visited places in all of Cambridge. The stained glass windows surround the Chapel, giving you a feel for traditional Chapel buildings whilst you can gaze and observe the carved motifs in stone.

Cambridge University Botanic Gardens: Step into the world here as you can grace through gardens from all over the Earth. Opening at 10am, walk around the centre of the City here as you pass glasshouses and magnificently elegant displays.

Museum of Cambridge: Meet people who have been active members of Cambridge’s society and the famous people who have attended the University. You will also come across history and artefacts that have lasted decades.

St Johns College: Visit one of the main buildings within the grounds of Cambridge University here at St Johns College. Home to the Bridge of Sighs and luscious green grounds, this College is historical and yet modern, with new students passing the walls with fresh academic mind’s.

Punting on the Cam: Similar to Oxford, punting is a common activity to do whilst in University Cities. Seen as expensive yet, you are offered with a guide who takes you through Cambridge’s history.


Harriets: Being a self proclaimed Eggs Benedict obsessor, I have found it difficult to come across a place that sells it, or to come across a place that serves all day breakfast for that matter. Being from Australia, all day breakfast’s are a huge part of the Cafe’s culture, so I assumed it was a thing. I was surely mistaken.

Coming across Harriets, they serve a beautiful all day breakfast, lunch, scones (cream tea), desserts, an infusion of teas and a very delightful high tea. Harriets is the ideal English styled Cafe and Tea Room, there really wasn’t anything else like it in all of Cambridge.


Market Square: Wander up a quite street and you may just pop out into this buzzing square filled with markets, which are active everyday of the year. These markets sell items from wood carvings to foreign foods.

The Streets: Whilst abroad, there is nothing better than simply wandering the streets. This seems to be something I do, and I wouldn’t have come across anything in Cambridge unless I ventured out (yes, I did not have a map).

Shopping: Cambridge is packed out with Shopping Centres, shop filled streets and stalls along the tiny stone roads. Cambridge is surely a shoppers destination.

 Parking and Transport

Driving: Cambridge caters exceptionally for cars. There is a carpark located in the City Centre for 5 Pounds for four hours (Queen Ann Terrace Carpark). As well as several Park and Ride services ranging from 3 Pound per person.

Public Transport: Trains to Cambridge run from London departing from King’s Cross and Liverpool Street, running frequently.






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  • Reply
    January 24, 2017 at 10:21 am

    Sounds like a lovely place I might visit there next time I’m in England would love to go punting

    • Reply
      Exploring Wanderland
      January 24, 2017 at 12:26 pm

      It is incredible!

  • Reply
    Clementine Horsefall
    January 24, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    Punting was my favourite activity in Oxford. It’s one of those concepts I have to explain all the time. However, I’m very excited to try in Cambridge.

    Btw i love your colourful writing.

    Yours Faithfully

    Clementine Horsefall

    • Reply
      Exploring Wanderland
      January 24, 2017 at 12:53 pm

      I have done it in Oxford as well, such an amazing experience. Thank you 🙂

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