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Final year of 

Bachelor of Media – Majoring in Journalism and Non-Fiction Writing



My name is Brooke Fryer and I want to be a writer. I have this blog to practice and improve my writing, and even though it’s a travel blog (my very expensive hobby) I aim to be a journalist. I started off doing a double degree in law and media at university and realised after 1.5 years of studying it that it wasn’t for me. So I dropped law, changed degrees around a little and added an extra year onto my study… oops. Mistake was made and lesson learnt, I wanted to be a writer. So here are some of my examples of published work, both in travel and journalism/reporting.

Sydney Observer 

I am currently and have been an intern at the Sydney Observer for the past three months. This is my first intern job and I have been published multiple times both in their print magazine and their online website. I work closely with the editor and have so much freedom in what I want to report on. The editor also lets me write (as well as local news and community events) a travel piece every month to be featured in the print magazine. It’s such a good feeling seeing my writing in a magazine. 

Take a look at the issues on a PDF file, keeping an eye out for my name.

Issue October 2017 


Issue November 2017 


Issue December/January 2017/18 


Hills News 

The Hills News is one of my local news papers, and I have been honoured to have been featured a couple of times in the Magazine.



Pink Pangea 

I was lucky enough to become a Feature Writer for Pink Pangea, a female travel online publication.


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Backpacker College 

Backpacker College found me through this blog and reached out to me for a collab. They firstly asked me to attend a music festival and to film it on their behalf – stay tuned for the video – with all expenses paid for. Then I was lucky enough to have them feature one of my stories from Uluru.

The heart of Australia, Uluru – Brooke Fryer ✨

Travel and Lifestlyle

This is an online blog, run by Rafael. it covers events, resturants and bars in Sydney with features from Australia and beyond. There is also promotional work and photography involved. I am a contributor to the online blog, and enjoy every moment of it.

Runway views at the Rydges Sydney Airport

Taste the World at Via Del Corso Dessert Bar

Ragu Pasta and Wine Bar: Westfield Sydney