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Travelling to France from England


Whether you are travelling from France to England or England to France, there is more than one travel option you can choose from. On three different trips, my family and I have done all three travel options. Ferry, train and plane!

However for me, I’d still pick to travel via plane. But I encourage you to try them all out, you may come to love one more than another. 


If you want a nice quick trip from city to city without the fuss of anything else, then clearly travelling via plane is the option for you. 

European internal flights are not overpriced and are quick trips, especially from England to France which takes roughly 2 hours. Easy Jet is my flight option if I am travelling around Europe! 


Au Revoir England 


Head down to the south of England where the country meets the water and you will find many different ferry terminals. These terminals are placed throughout the south of England and all travel to different locations in France, depending on where you are and where you are planning to go. Route time varies depending on where you are leaving from and arriving at, also depending on the conditions of the water. My trip took no longer than two hours, time flew by. 

When we did it, we took the ferry from Dover (England) to Calais (France). We travelled on the P&O ferry line. The ferry was huge, with food choices, shops and activities. Plus lounges and tables by the windows so you can say goodbye to the coast line of England and hello to the coast line of France. Or vice versa

The beauty of going via ferry is you get to take your car with you. This helped us hugely whilst we were in France. We drove far and wide, including all around Paris. 

Depending which terminal you go to, the ferries run quite often. However, showing up and expecting to get on one isn’t ideal for this option of travel, you’d have to book in advance and plan your trip. This website will help you out with price, location and times. 


And hello Paris!


Now this may seem like an interesting option. Sure this isn’t your typical scenic route, as you are under water in a tunnel for the majority of the trip. But it is a different sort of travel option… If you are willing to experience it.

When it comes to price, a typical ticket is about £148-180 for a standard seat. However, you can score cheap deals if you keep your eye out. Travel time is about three hours, specifically from London to France (so not just the coast like the ferry).

We travelled on the Eurostar which is the main train that does these trips. They are speedy, quiet and surprisingly comfortable. They serve food and have wi-fi aboard, so there is more than enough to keep you entertained.










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