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The Great Wall of China in -2 Degrees

The morning we were destined to visit The Great Wall of China, we glared out of our hotel window in Beijing, to no surprise, saw mist out of every corner of our sight. People below were rugged up as if they were on their way to climb Mount Everest. Beijing, China in December drops to -2 degrees on average – yes there are colder days. So it wasn’t questionable in what we had to wear.

The Great Wall of China was most definitely number one on my bucket list, and of course being in Beijing, it was a must (Bucket List: Walk The Great Wall of China… TICK!). Finding ways to get to The Great Wall are not easy, research, research, research comes down into planning a day out, whether you have planned a hiking trip or just a visit. I decided to do a day trip out to The Great Wall which also took me to the Underground palace (Ming Tombs). If you are unfamiliar with the country and aren’t game enough to hire a car, seeing The Great Wall within a day trip is the ideal way to go.

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Once I arrived at The Great Wall, I picked my starting point (keep in mind there are several starting points – it is a great wall!) and started the experience of a lifetime. It was breathtaking to say the least, the idea of walking on such history left me speechless as I glanced at the fine detail of the walls.

After walking about two kilometres; and trust me I could have walked all day (time doesn’t pass when you are in the presence of such great history) and up extremely steep steps (which I couldn’t fit my whole foot on, it was too tiny), I met a very friendly lady.

great wall 1
(Left to Right) Very Friendly Lady, Myself and my Sister

I never got her name, but she was standing on a very photographed spot of the wall selling merchandise and souvenirs. She was much shorter than me and wore a huge smile when she saw us approach her. My curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t help but ask, “do you have any help bringing all these things up here?”

“No. I do a few trips to get all my stuff here.” And gosh did she have a lot of stuff!

Around The Great Wall there isn’t a lot of scenery to look at, besides shrubs, shrubs and more shrubs. However, seeing The Great Wall stretch on for miles is a million dollar ticket in it’s self. Who can resist but take hundreds of photographs?

great wall
Sorry about the quality – taken before I knew the power of photography

The best time to visit The Great Wall in winter time is December, at a part of the wall called Mutianyu . It is quite, and you can get the best shots of the wall and of yourself without a background full of people. Even though it is cold, it is very, very worth it!

The Great Wall of China is an experience that one can not suppress  visiting. Such a monumental historical piece that is over 2000 years old, I totally recommend it to everyone and anyone that has plans to visit China. It is a must!





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