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A getaway to the Gold Coast, Australia

The Gold Coast has been a place I have been holidaying since I was extremely young, going almost every year. The Gold Coast is one of the most visited destinations in Australia as many travel goers could not possibly pass up on an opportunity to soak up the sun on the beach less than metres from their hotel. 

The Gold Coast is one of my favourite places to visit in Australia and very convenient as it is just over an hours plane trip from my home town, Sydney. So here, I have gathered a list of my favourite things to do on the Gold Coast in hopes to inspire you to take your very own trip, or to re-visit maybe for the millionth time. 


Why the Gold Coast? 

So why should you pick to holiday on the Gold Coast? 

The Gold Coast is one of a kind. It’s a beautiful Australian city sitting right on the Pacific Ocean with crystal clear water and the sun out almost all year round. It is also home to the seventh tallest residential tower in the world, that being the Q1. 

The Gold Coast has an array of shops, resturants, take away joints, beach markets (every Sunday) and is surrounded by beaches and other neighbourhoods to explore. 

What to do

    Visit the Q1 lookout – The Q1 lookout is one the best views I have probably ever had. There is a $25 admission fee and you score a wicked 360 view of the Gold Coast with a bar and cafe you can sit at whilst you bask in your surroundings. I assure you the view is absolutely worth it. You can also walk on top of the Q1 (skypoint), prices vary depending on what time of day you go.

    Theme Parks – This is why we return to the Gold Coast so often. These theme parks are the best theme parks (personal opinion) from anywhere around the world. Wet n Wild, Movie World, Dream World (being my favourite!!!) and Sea World are all a short drive away. If you have the time you can purchase theme park deals, visit here, however Dream World isn’t included in the deals so this one has to be done separate.

    Beaches – What else would you expect? All up and down the coast of Queensland there is beach after beach after beach. So if you have a day (or a weekend) you can spend your time driving from beach to beach exploring the warm waters that Queensland has to offer. My favourite beaches around the Gold Coast are Kirra Beach and Coolangatta Beach, they are not as rough as the beaches at Surfers Paradise and do not get shady from the city towers (so you can tan for longer!!!).

    Coastal Walks – Get up early before the sun and do a coastal walk. There are walking paths for miles on end right along the water, there are also perfect photo opportunities along the way and organic juice bars almost at every new beach. 






Coolangatta Beach – You can see the city in the left hand corner


Kirra Beach 



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