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Spain: Antoni Gaudí buildings you MUST see in Barcelona

Antonio Gaudí was a Spanish architect who had talent compared to no other. He has created buildings throughout Spain with a majority being located in Barcelona. I have been lucky enough to have wandered the streets and seen some of his incredible work with my own eyes.

Architecture has always been a thing I enjoyed looking into growing up. When I was younger and asked what I wanted to be I always replied “an architect,” then quickly discovered in high school that I sucked at maths and graphic design so that dream quickly disappeared. I still love travelling to places and appreciating architecture that sits around every corner… Literally. 

If you ever find yourself in Barcelona (which I hope you do as it is one of a kind) you must take the effort to check out these places listed below, they are more than incredible. 

La Sagrada Familia

Ah, La Sagrada Familia, what an architectural masterpiece this one is.  This Church is one of Gaudí’s most famous designs, and guess this, it still isn’t finished. The construction started in 1882 and is expected to finish around 2030. So why hasn’t it been completed? The building relied on donations, however was interrupted due to the Spanish civil war. 


Looking up inside La Sagrada Familia


Unfortunetly this isn’t mine and I don’t know of the source. But I had to show you all the outside of this Church.

La Pedrera also known as Casa Milà

This residential building created by Gaudí has been recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. The beautifully crafted twisted wrought irons displayed upon the balconies is what brings this building to life. Through the underlying reference to the natural world, Gaudí has created a building where interaction with neighbours is a strong element. His careful craftsmanship assured that there was only a lift on every second floor, allowing for interaction among neighbours. 



Casa Batlló

Well well, here we have another one of my favourite buildings by Gaudí. Gaudí  used marine life as his inspiration for the colour on the building such as the greens and blues. I unfortunately did not get a chance to go inside as I was 18 years old and on a very strict budget, but I whole heartedly say that even seeing the building from the outside is incredible. 


Taken by Jasmine Cassis


How beautiful are the colours on this building

Cascada Fountain at Park de la Ciutadella

Walking through a park and stumbling upon yet another one of Gaudí’s incredible pieces is just a day in the life of a local in Barcelona. And how lucky they all are! Wandering up the steps and standing upon amazing work looking out over the beautiful green park with row boats and huge trees to relax under, how could you not want to hop on a plane and jet off right now? 


Park Güell

Built in 1900, this piece took 14 years to master and now has become one of Spain’s most visited “hot spots”. Park Güell is one of the largest pieces of architecture in South Europe, with colour, unusual designs and materials to please the eye.

park gaul 1

Source unknown – A beautiful and bright pic of Park Güell

park gaul

Taken by Janet Beeston

If you have visited Barcelona and have a favourite building of Gaudí’s that isn’t listed, I’d love to know about it. Leave your experience or soon to be experience bellow so I can read about it. 



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    April 12, 2016 at 5:17 am

    Lovely post, I couldn’t help but agree with your comments on such a great city. My favourite places are La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell – both are beautiful. I can visit them again and again and never get bored of their appearance.

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    Holiday Season
    April 13, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    Would like to make a chair from his design indeed!Can’t stop enjoying whenever see his art online or tv.

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