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A Quick Guide to Milan

Known for it’s undying fashion and expensive taste in wine, beauty and of course it’s driving economy, it’s no wonder people are flocking from all over to visit. Milan is located North West of Rome and almost directly West from Venice, making it a convenient location to travel throughout Italy. Milan is a small, yet beautiful city. Personally, my relationship with Milan wasn’t as strong as my relationship with other places in Italy, but it is well worth adding it onto your Italian itinerary.


Madama Hostel and Bistrot was quote possibly the best hostel I have ever stayed in. With a free drink on arrival, dinner and breakfast included, it is a dream location for a budget traveller. The hostel is a little out of the city centre, you have to catch the Metro into the centre, buying your ticket at a local newsagent or selected cafes. This shouldn’t deter you away from staying somewhere, as catching public transport in a city makes me feel as close to being a local as I can for such a short amount of time.

Things to See

Milan is an easy city to explore and you are able to do it all within a few days. If you follow my blog, you will know that I am all for the Hop-on-Hop-off buses. I believe they are the best and most relaxing ways to see a city. This way you are sure to hit all the hot tourist spots and are able to spot hidden gems from the top of the red bus.
Milan Cathedral  or better known in Italia as Duomo Di Milano is an Italian Gothic Cathedral dedicated to St Mary.This Cathedral is the fifth largest Christian Cathedral in the world, but make sure you book your tickets in advanced, because you may not be able to enter due to capacity.

Sforza Castle was home to Sforza who ruled Renaissance Milan, is a red bricked building surrounded by beautiful gardens and wide open ends. But be careful here, as I and many other people, have been grabbed by coloured men putting a string around my wrist and declaring it as a sign of friendship. Luckily he did not demand money, but other cases have not been so fortunate.

Santa Maria delle Grazie is home to the all famous iconic ‘Last Supper’ artwork painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. The church is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage List as it has been deemed to be a symbol of human creativity and genius. But make sure before you go that you book ahead, as I was unfortunately unable to see the image because it had been sold out two weeks prior to my arrival.

Day Trips

Lake Como is one of the most popular day trips taken by tourists from Milan. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to visit one of the most popular lakes in all of Europe. Day trips start from $120AUD per person, click here to book or visit the option for yourself.

And while you’re at it, why not hop on over to a city that rests on the foot of the Alps, Bergamo. This small yet picturesque city and a must visit destinations for lover of architecture, dating back to the medieval and renaissance periods, should be included on your Italian itinerary.

Take that trip, go to Milan.  




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