The Ultimate Bucket List

  • Ireland Travel Videos

    Video: Dublin

    My first experience in Dublin was a positive and cultural trip. Before I had visited Dublin, I never really thought much about the Irish culture nor did I expect to experience…

  • Ireland Solo Travel

    Your City Guide to Galway 

    Galway is an upcoming harbour Irish town just three hours West of Dublin. This quaint town is scattered with Irish pubs, shops, parks and a stream, looking out onto the local…

  • Solo Travel

    Learning How to be Content Travelling Alone

    “If you wish to overcome that feeling of isolation and loneliness, I think that your underlying attitude makes a tremendous difference.” – Dalai Lama.  Being alone can be a scary situation,…

  • Europe Luxembourg Photo-Diaries

    A Luxembourg Photo Diary

    Luxembourg is a beautiful country with so much history and cultural diversity. This small European country has only half a million residents, with half of these residents being immigrants. Despite their…

  • Europe Luxembourg Travel

    48 Hours in Luxembourg

    Small but mighty, Luxembourg is a country that holds history, culture and beauty. Luxembourg is seen to be a rich, developed and culturally diverse country with more than half the population…

  • England Travel

    Falling in Love with Notting Hill

    The enriching cosmopolitan suburb of Notting Hill welcomes visitors from around the world with it’s picturesque buildings and warm atmosphere. I had seen photos of the lightly coloured buildings and street filled…

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