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A mini Venice Bucket List

Venice, a city full of charm and pizza joints, has been a stop for many travellers throughout Italy for centuries. Being one of my favourite cities to explore, it will totally have you falling in love too. There are so many things to see and do, and you will find here, the very best that Venice has to offer.

Lose the Map

You are probably wondering why the first thing to do on this list is to lose the map. This list is in no particular order, but I put this on the top for a reason. When I was in Venice, I didn’t use a map once. That may seem crazy for some, but I assure you there is only so far you can go in Venice before you throw in the towel and decide to turn around. I got my bearings and out of complete luck, I knew the city like it was the back of my hand for those days I was there. I cam across famous landmarks, awesome cafes, and the all famous H&M shop were I had a cheeky look. So trust me, lose the map and have one on your phone if worse comes to worse.

Cross the Rialto Bridge

One of the most impressive bridges, amongst thousands, in Venice, taking you over the Main Cannel with markets upon it.

Piazza San Marco

The hot spot for people watching and espressos, is this famous Piazza in the heart of Venice.

Bridge of Sighs

The iconic white-stone bridge is the most photographed bridge in Venice, and is definitely somewhere that gets extremely busy, so try get in early.

Visit Saint Mark’s Basilica

Decked out in myriad mosaics, this iconic cathedral offers its guests an on site museum as well as an abundance of history that is kept within it’s walls.

Grand Canal

Pizza resturants, coffee shops, art and an entire atmospheric setting, the Grand Canal is the perfect place to watch the gondolas go by and be fascinated by the everyday happenings.

Eat Food

Pizza, gelato, pasta, pastries… you name it and Venice has it.

Visit the Masks

In Venice, there is one thing you’ll see more than bridges and that is the masks. Some stores are beautifully decorated in some of the most extravagant masks you’ll ever see.

Ride a Water Taxi

There are only so many cities that offer water taxis, so if you have a chance, take one for ride, as a passenger of course. 

Relax on a Gondola

Last but not least, enjoy a glass of wine on the most famous thing in all of Venice.



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