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Kuala Lumpur bucket list

Kuala Lumpur is one of Asia’s most developed cities, with an amazing skyline view triumphed by the Petronas Twin Towers and one of the largest shopping cities in the world. 

On a recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, I was immediately swept off my feet with the spectacular variety of food and things to do throughout the city. Kuala Lumpur is also one of the most visited cities in the world with a language fairly similar to English (Helo is Malay for Hello). 

Not sure where to start when you arrive in KL? Why not try a bucket list. 

Ride the Hop on Hop off 

The hop on hop off is the best way to see the city. It takes you to all the tourist sights and also commentates some facts and history of the city. 

The hop on hop off is half price for students, children and people with a disability. 

Go on a shopping spree

KL is home to 4 out of 10 of the largest shopping centres in the world. From designer brands to markets, KL is the ideal shopping destination for anyone and everyone. There is always a sale and the prices are cheaper than other cities. Though don’t be fooled, on full price items it is only $10 or so cheaper (for Australians that is). 

Visit Batu Caves

Batu Caves is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia. It is filled with monkeys playing around and stealing people’s drink bottles on the 272 steps taking you up to the caves, and spread out with markets and souvenir shops. 

For women only, you need to cover your knees. If you are like me and can’t wear long pants on hot days because of heat exhaustion, you can hire a sarong for 5 Ringgit and when you return it you will receive 2 Ringgit back. 

Eat street food in China Town 

China town is a buzzing part of KL with an array of street food and markets to shop at. They also make the best vegetarian noodles in all of KL. 

Make sure you watch out for your bags here, as snatching is a thing in China Town. 

Visit the Petronas Twin Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers are the tallest twin towers in the world with the highest air bridge. They provide an amazing 360 view of KL and beyond.

You have to book your visit, so don’t show up one day expecting to go straight up like I did, as the day gets booked out the day before. So go a day earlier to when you had planned to book your spot.

Have a high tea at Harrods 

If you’ve been to London, you would have heard of the store called Harrods. At the shopping centre under the Petronas Towers, Suria KLCC Mall, they have a mini Harrods selling tea, tea and tea. 

There is also a high tea room with a view looking out over the park, and the food was delicious. 

Visit an infinity pool

Ok well maybe you won’t be able to visit one, but you can stay at a hotel with an infinity pool 52 floors high. The Face Suites is an 8 month old hotel with a modern design coming with kitchens and washing machines in each room. 

Get henna done 

Little India or Batu Caves have these amazing hand art works, they are an Indian, Pakistan, African and Middle Eastern tradition for women and truly spectacular to look at. They are mainly worn on holidays, weddings and birthdays. 



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