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Germany: How to do Berlin in 24 hours or less

So you want to do Berlin but don’t have time or money to include it in your travel plans? Then why not visit Berlin for a day… yes It is possible and I have done exactly that.

When we visit England we visit for  long periods of time, as part of my family live there and well it’s England – enough said. So one day we kinda decided to do this spontaneous trip to Berlin to see the Berlin Wall and get a feel for the city. So we did exactly that, we hopped on a plane and had a very busy 24 hours. 

I have only ever spent a day in Berlin (however this is changing… ASAP) but I saw what I have wanted to see for a very long time, that being the Berlin Wall. So here I will continue to tell you about how I managed to visit Berlin in a day from London, England.

Getting an early flight is key so you have most of the day in Berlin. We traveled Ryanair from Stansted, London into Schönefeld, Berlin. Ryanair is first in best dressed for seat allocation, but it is cheap and well that’s the main thing. 

Once you have landed in Berlin, the airport is about 30 minutes from the city. There is an airport express train (RB14) and a regional train (RE7) that will take you right into the city centre. The main stops you’d want to stop at in the city are Berlin-Alexanderplatz, Berlin-Hauptbahnhof or Berlin-Zoologischer Garten. 


Once you are in Berlin, it is time to start exploring and getting the most out of your day. 

Mauer park – Markets, markets and more markets. If you come on a Sunday make sure to stop by the park and check out what’s in the stalls. 

Berlin Wall – This is a must for anyone coming to Berlin, like my other posts I boast about the rich history that comes along with travel and the Berlin Wall has played a major part in European history. Making it a must visit site for history geeks and other travellers. Checkpoint Charlie was the famous-east west border control during the cold war and now provides tourists with history of the wall. 


Hire a Bike – Berlin is well equipped for bikes, which makes this a perfect option for you as we are only here for 24 hours. Ride through parks, streets and observe iconic sites. 

Visit the museums and memorial centres – Berlin, Germany played a huge part in WW2 thereofre is flooded with museums and memorial centres. Take your time to check them out and to honour those who died in the Holocaust. 

Visit Europes biggest department store –The Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe as the locals say it) at 100 years old is one continental Europe’s largest department store. Enough said!

Walk the streets – Sometimes just taking a walk through the streets of a foreign country is enough. You can’t get any more local than immersing yourself within the culture and everyday life. Of course if you are in Berlin you’d want to do touristy things, but take some time out of your day to wonder… so worth it. 

So you’ve explored the town and now you’re hungry… Berlin has a heap of food places to visit and some culture to taste. 

Burgermeister – hmmm burger anyone? 

The Bird – American food in Berlin for those who can’t stray away from tradition.

Imren Gril – Berlin’s most popular take-away food joint, is it really a trip to Berlin without having a western-turkey inspired kebab? NO, NO it isn’t. 

Try a traditional meal @

Dicke Wirtin – Restaurant 

Schwarzwaldstuben – Restaurant 

Imbiss 204 – Street side Bistro (CHEAP!!!!!!) 

Of course exploring the streets you are bound to find a bundle and a heap of resturants and street side take-away shops to choose from. 

If you are staying into the night or late evening, there is still plenty for you to do. Go to the theatre or a bar or even a night-club.  However if you plan to have a night out or if you want to bask in the German tradition by sundown, then I suggest staying a night so you get the full experience. 

If you have done Berlin in 24 hours or less I’d love to hear how you did it. 






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