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Hawaii: Deeper than the Deep Blue Sea

Have you ever wandered what happened below; what is beyond the horizon when the sea water is tickling your toes as you stand upon the shore. I have, and it was magical. I didn’t picture a remake of The Little Mermaid, or a scene from Finding Nemo. I pictured serenity. Creatures of the deep have always held a spot in my heart, such calm content animals.

Given an opportunity to come face to face with such incredible creatures, how could I have possibly refused. Hawaii is a magical place, full of adventure and memories hiding away waiting to burst to life. On the Hawaiian Island Oahu, up North, I created an experience and a memory that will last a lifetime. I came face to face with the sea creatures feared by most, sharks… in this case Mano Sharks.

It’s this little thing called cage diving. Bucket list: Swim with Sharks… TICK!

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 7.48.45 PM

I was first prompted to swim with sharks by the idea of seeing a fin. That cinematic image of a shark fin slicing the water as they travel record pace. On the tin boat (not small enough to tip luckily enough) they started appearing, one after the other. It’s not like me to not pull out my camera and snap a pic, but I couldn’t think of doing anything else except for watching the way they moved through the water. I was captured in that moment, that single minute took me breathless.

It came time to jump into the cage. Yes, quite literally jump. The cage was about a step and a half away from the boat. One small step for me and one giant step into the great unknown.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 7.54.31 PM

I was taken by such beauty. Their hazel eyes and soft looking skin texture was beautifully displayed to us. The sharks were far from shy, coming up to the cage and taking a peek at what was inside. They are gentle creatures (unless curiosity gets the better of them) in a calm environment; an environment I longed to visit time and time again.

Looking below my feet and out past the cluster of sharks that already showed their faces, I could see the dark shape of these curious creatures far out in the distance. We were surrounded, and I couldn’t have felt more safe.

Oh how I fell in love in that moment, a little piece of my heart was given away.

*The pictures were taken off a go-pro which was held in the water from the boat.



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