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  • England Travel

    Falling in Love with Notting Hill

    The enriching cosmopolitan suburb of Notting Hill welcomes visitors from around the world with it’s picturesque buildings and warm atmosphere. I had seen photos of the lightly coloured buildings and street filled…

  • England Europe Travel

    Your City Guide to Cambridge

    Oh Cambridge, how you charmed me as soon as I stepped out of the car into the sweet winters air. Being familiar with Oxford and ye olde English buildings, Cambridge is a city…

  • Europe Italy Travel

    Your City Guide to Rome

    Rome is one of the most historical cities in Italy, with rich heritage roots and architecture that tells it’s very own story. Rome is one of those cities that no matter…

  • Adventure Europe Travel

    Europe by the Season

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Europe is a massive place with so many countries offering so many unique experiences. Deciding when to visit European countries is crucial in your experience and…

  • Australia Oceania Travel

    To the Sea: Bondi Beach

    Bondi is known as one of the worlds greatest beaches to both the locals and the foreigners of Sydney. It’s a place where the pacific ocean tickles your toes as your…

  • Asia Thailand Travel

    A weekend in Bangkok

    Bangkok was a city that took me time to come around to. At first, I didn’t really like it nor did I want to explore it as much as other cities I…