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A weekend in Bangkok

Bangkok was a city that took me time to come around to. At first, I didn’t really like it nor did I want to explore it as much as other cities I had been to. But once I stepped out of my comfort zone and made the most of my time in a foreign city, I was quick to appreciate all the city had to offer.

Once arriving into a city, it’s always best to get to know the area you are in and check out what is local. Every time I arrive in a new city, I take the rest of the day to walk around the streets and have dinner at a local restaurant.

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Checking out the night markets on your first night would be perfect as you are immediately immersed within the Thai culture. The three night markets I’d suggest to you are, Rot Fai Market, Patpong and JJ Green. 

As the next day comes, you are rested and ready to start the day exploring Bangkok. The best way to get around the city is by Tuk Tuk. Normally, more often than not, your Tuk Tuk driver will offer to take you around the city for the day. Accept this, as this is normally cheaper in the end than having to get a new Tuk Tuk everywhere you go.

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Things to do

The Grand Palace – When visiting the Grand Palace, you must wear shirts covering your shoulders and pants covering your knees. The palace is packed with impressive buildings to see, and one of the buildings known as “The Temple of the Emerald Buddha,” is the most sacred building in all of Thailand. Admission: 400Baht for adults. 

Wat Arun: When I was in Bangkok, Wat Arun was unfortunately closed for repair and maintenance. However, when talking to people about their favourite things to do in Bangkok, Wat Arun was one of the highlights. So I thought I’d add it to the list. 

Golden Mountain: This attraction is seriously underrated. The Golden Mountain has the best view of Bangkok taking you all the way up to a large buddhist monument, in which you can be blessed, pray or try your fortune. Admission: 20Baht for adults. 


River Cruise: Take a river cruise through Chao Phraya River and into the canals of Bangkok, allowing you to see how the locals live. You will also come across a mini floating market (and I mean there are 2 or 3 market boats), where you can buy beverages or souvenirs. 

Central World – Central World is an upperclass shopping centre, providing you with an abundance of food choices and fashion from all the major brands to the Thailand originals. This shopping centre is full priced, however, yearly there are sales around. 

Platinum Shopping Centre – This shopping centre is a market within four walls. It is cheap, busy and has so many options for clothes and makeup. 


River Cruise


Street Food: There is no one single place in Bangkok that sells street food, the city is decked out with street food. There are three rules when buying street food (not just from Bangkok). Firstly, make sure the food you are buying is hot. Secondly, make sure it is being cooked in front of you. And lastly, make sure what they are cooking it on is clean. If you are buying street food and these three rules aren’t all there, then keep walking. 

SkyBar: We’ve all seen The Hangover, so we all know where I am going with this. SkyBar is an elite and extremely expensive rooftop bar in Bangkok. So classy that you will be denied entry for not wearing luxurious dress’ and suits. If you are not one to own this type of attire, don’t worry, they have clothes you can hire at the door!!!!!

Lap Pak Restaurant: Samyan Restaurant is a small restaurant run by a local family, and they serve the best Pad Thai in all of Thailand (and Pad Thai is the only Thai food I eat, so I have had my fair share). The restaurant is just a few metres from the MRT exit (Hua Lamphong) and is also newly renovated. 


Sky Bar taken by Emily Walsh


Bangkok Centre Hotel: This hotel is not very central, yet it is a very safe and adventurous part of Bangkok. The wifi is good, rooms are clean and the included breakfast every morning has an array of food to choice from. I would recommend staying here, it is a very safe hotel and the staff are super friendly. The hotel is right next to the train station, so it’s easy to get around the city and other places in Thailand without the fuss of dragging your bags around for blocks on end trying to find a train station. 

Hotel De Bangkok: Hotel De Bangkok is a little more central and only a walk to the main shopping street. The staff at this hotel are super friendly, bringing you a fresh juice when you arrive. The breakfast is small, yet delicious from hot food to cereals and fruits. I would suggest this hotel over Bangkok Centre Hotel, it is new, it is clean and it is in a central location. However, no view is provided of the city from the windows, just the surrounding streets. 

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The view from hotel room at Bangkok Centre Hotel

Comment your experience in Bangkok. 






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