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My confronting Experience in Ireland

Ireland is known for it’s pub culture, which naturally attracts more males than females so I am going to brutally honest here, it is not the most comfortable city to travel to alone, yet if you know how to do it right, it will be an easy breezy trip.

Ireland isn’t known for scams nor is it heavy on bag snatching like other countries are, it is more so drunk men and large group’s of men that may have you feeling on edge. It amazes me how we have come so far as women, yet still must be wary of men, in the scope of things, we really haven’t come so far. Sure we can vote and have more rights than what we did even twenty years ago, but the fact that women still can’t feel comfortable walking the streets because men could potentially look, call things out and even try to follow you, is a reflection on society as a whole. It really is the little things that need to change.

Ireland is a beautiful country, the locals are proud to be Irish and this shines through in their patriotism and comradery through their cultural celebrations. There is greenery rolling hills to explore, old hidden towns that date back centuries and a culture which is deeply embedded within. Besides my few experiences I had with being a female in the country, Ireland is a place where I learnt how to be a more confident traveller through standing up for myself and finding my two feet to stand on.

Hostel Stay

In Ireland, especially in Dublin, I felt on edge when I stayed in Four Courts Hostel in a mixed dorm. One night, a young male was calling out things as my friend and I were about to have our shower in the shower room (which didn’t have a locked door, there was two showers with curtains so anyone could have opened it whilst you were showering), things that I shouldn’t repeat. We ran down to reception and asked if we could shower in a female dorm. Alway’s get a female dorm unless you are travelling with a male. Not only this, but the following morning I needed to brush my teeth, as soon as I was ready to head to the bathroom in my own room, I was being called at and asked to go and join them (the group of boys) on their beds.

After this encounter, I turned my shoulder and walk the other way. Ignoring boys who call out things is honestly the best way to go about it, they may call out words such as “sassy,” but know you are, and own it. Ignore their comments, ignore what they have to say and keep your head high.

It is important to stay in a hostel that caters for female dorms. No, I am not saying that all men are like this and I am not saying that all mixed dorms are going to make you feel as uncomfortable as this one did for me, but As Dublin is a city heavy on partying and drinking, it is safer to stay with females.

Safety in Ireland

The cities in Ireland are just as safe as your average town. Of course, being cautious and following your gut is always something anyone must do, but you are free to walk about as a female and not feel as though you have to wear a wedding band or walk closely behind groups of people.

Wandering the streets after light, is also fairly safe. Just keep in mind the drinking culture and the fact that males and females will be drunk almost every-night of the week. There are nightly pub crawls that are held for tourists so you can get involved if you are too on edge to go to a bar yourself. I found though, that the bars are safe to go to on your own or with a small group, they all have security and all of them have some small portion of sober people. If you do feel as if you are being harassed, security will have the problem solved for you instantly.

Tips for Females

Try to avoid walking the streets at night unless it is a Main Street. Sometimes ordering an uber is safest option for getting home, at the end of the day it’s only a few euros and it will make you feel a heap better.

Try and stay in a female dorm. If you know you feel uncomfortable with men saying inappropriate things to you, make sure you stay at a hotel with female dorms. Try to avoid the experience I had, even if it costs that little bit extra.

Lot’s of English people travel to Dublin over the weekends. I met a group of English girls who travel to Dublin every couple of months to party. This means, there’s lots of bachelorette and bachelor parties that happen. I saw countless when I was there, talk to them, they end up showing you the town and you will feel safer with them on a night out.

Here you have it ladies, everything you need to know and be aware of before you leave for Ireland. Overall the country is safe, the people are very kind and it is easy to get around. You can walk Dublin by foot even, it is small enough and safe enough to do so.

I am not saying that your experience in Ireland is going to be like mine, and this is not an attack on men. Females and males can both be just as dangerous when drunk, and this is not an attack on Irish men as a whole, as the encounters I experienced with the men in Ireland were not even Irish. I am simply drawing from my personal experience, not speaking on behalf of others or the country as a whole, simply the fact that I personally did not feel safe even in my own bed at night.

There is nothing I would change about my trip except for sleeping in a female dorm, I had an amazing time and I would return again.



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    March 22, 2017 at 8:35 am

    Funnily enough 97% of crimes involve the consumption of alcohol and if you were to look up some statistics you would see that its quite equal in how much trouble men and women make, just wondering when you will post a “Solo human guide to Ireland”. Just seems a bit sexits

    I was wondering if you ever interview the locals about the subjects you are writing on? This is standard journalistic practices that any self-respecting “reporter” employs when commenting on the ebb and flow of everyday life within a foreign society.

    Ive heard when men yell nonsensical words at females the best action is to embarrass the shit out of them in front of all their lackey’s so that they learn not to do this again in case the next female can also stand up for herself :O
    “Know you are sassy and own it”?

    Overall this entire post read like a “Don’t fucking go to Ireland, males are scary there, on edge, on edge but it’s a beautiful country…. DRUNK MALES WOMAN WATCH OUT!!”

    • Reply
      Exploring Wanderland
      March 22, 2017 at 10:01 am

      I am not saying that Irish males are an issue, and yes I did draw on the fact that women are too as much of a danger as men are when drunk. This article is from a personal experience I had in Ireland as I did make clear in the post. Also from personal experience, being a female and acknowledging the men that call on me, has lead to more trouble than it’s worth and from a female perspective ignoring the issue is so much better than acting on it. This is clearly from a female perspective, and I’m sure if I was male it would have been different. Men call on women which make us feel uncomfortable, it is the way the world spins. One woman making a male feel embarrassed one time will not stop him from doing it again, we as women are grown up to be taught to ignore and keep walking, I don’t think a male can tell a female how to act when in a certain situation.

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