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A Luxembourg Photo Diary

Luxembourg is a beautiful country with so much history and cultural diversity. This small European country has only half a million residents, with half of these residents being immigrants. Despite their small country, Luxembourg has a phenomenal working force and has some of the most successful banks in all of Europe. About 77% of people that work in Luxembourg are cross-border commuters and foreign people that live in the country, leaving only a small percentage of Luxembourgish people actually working full-time.

Not only is Luxembourg an extremely kind and welcoming country, but they have some of the most beautiful castles, scenery views and villages across the world. Spending a weekend in Luxembourg is plenty of time to experience the country, you can travelΒ it all within the two days,

Taking on Luxembourg in all it’s beauty


Luxembourg is a safe place for females travellers, young travellers and families to explore. Whether that be through public transport or a care rental. However, if you are are biking around the city centre,Β make sure to not leave your bikeΒ out of your sight, as bikes get stolen everyday, with a city so small, who needs a car?

These photos capture the beauty of the country and what the country offers it’s guests.



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