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A Dublin’s Foodie Guide 

When I first arrived in Dublin, immediately it exceeded my expectations. The city was alive with colour, people and exotic smells of Asia, the Middle East and freshly baked pastries. Before visiting Dublin, I never associated the city with food, but more so with pots of gold and rainbows. There was certainly no shortage of food in Dublin, nor did I ever go the distance without passing a cafe, pub, restaurant, dessert bar or even a street food stall.


Pubs, Ireland, Dublin. It all makes sense doesn’t it? Pub culture is a big part of the Irish culture, almost any night of the week the Irish will make an excuse to drink and listen to live music at their local pub. Lets drink because we are celebrating the start of the week? Sure!

Any night I visited a pub, there was never a dull moment. Live music played all night, people coming and going as hot plates of food would pass me and I would catch their smell for a second. Dublin pubs are the hot spots any time of day, yes even breakfast time people will head to the pub for a pint of beer.

The Oliver St John Gorgaty Temple Bar – This pub is a great little Irish pub,and  here was were I found the most variety of vegetarian dishes.

Bad Ass Temple Bar – Come late, this pub turns into a ‘night club.’ The upstairs still remains a seated restaurant with a variety of desserts, while the downstairs becomes occupied by a crowd of people being entertained by live music.

The Temple Bar – Ah, the classic Temple Bar. This pub is without a doubt the most popular pub in all of Dublin. When my friend and I visited, we couldn’t get a seat nor could we walk in a straight line. We learnt that getting a seat (or food quickly) was more likely towards late afternoon.


Not only are pubs a massive part of the Irish way of living, but restaurants are just as popular and just as lively, the only difference? Live music. Most restaurants in Dublin don’t normally have live music, but that doesn’t mean they are less incredible to eat at.

The Old Mill Restaurant –  This restaurant captured my eye as soon as I walked by it, decorated with green walls and four leaf clovers, this restaurant was the closest one to a stereotypical Irish dining experience.

Cafe Tapolis – Walking around the streets on my first night in Dublin, I needed pizza and I needed it cheap. Pizzas here start off at 10 Euro with super friendly staff and a beautifully designed Italian restaurant.

Porterhouse Temple Bar – This bar/restaurant was my favourite in all of Dublin. The atmosphere was lively, the food was immaculate and the location was central.

Dessert Bars

Did someone say dessert? Dessert bars and cafes are all through Dublin, walking past a bakery window, they are displayed with cupcakes, pastries, donuts, cakes, cheesecakes… the list is endless. Dessert bars in Dublin are more often than not purely a dessert bar, you’ll have to head over to a cafe if sweet foods aren’t your first choice of snack.

Sweet Republic – S’more burgers, Is that a common thing? I didn’t think so until I stumbled upon them at the Sweet Republic.

The Bake House – Cupcakes, cupcakes and cakes. Colourful designs, electric flavour and just as delightful to be in awe over.

The Rolling Donut – We I stumbled across this glorious donut window filled display, I stopped and immediately found my face pressed up against the glass picking out what donut I wanted to eat.


Cafes are my favourite place to go for a morning tea, to simply sit, sip my tea and people watch from behind the glass on a cold Irish morning. It came to no surprise, that within the cafes, they also sold a countless amount of sweets and pastries, as well as brunches, early dinners and a heap of other ‘regular’ cafe food.

Peaches Cafe – Peaches cafe is spotted around a few different corners in Dublin. It is a popular cafe amongst the locals and tourists not only offering savoury foods, but very, very sweet foods also.

Soho – This little cafe is in an ideal spot, looking out onto the River Liffey and the middle of the city.

The Natural Bakery – Located next to the museums and a little on the outskirts of the central part of Dublin city, The Natural Bakery is a hot spot for neighbourhood locals and for travellers who want to venture away from the popular Dublin city cafes.

If you had a favourite food place in Dublin, comment below. 



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